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Liang De Hua International – Informations about the Yang Master of 6th generation (lineage Gu Luping)

“Since I decided to share my Taiji oversea publicly and have been thinking about staying in Europe for teaching, and then the question came out: What will I teach? So, I would like to explain about the curriculums I will teach on this status.
First of all, my teaching will base on the curriculum from my official lineage of Grandmaster Gu Lisheng that I have learned from his last indoor student, master Chi Qingsheng. Grandmaster Gu Lisheng (Gu Luping) was a student of both Yang Shaohou and Yang Chengfu, and now I am a 6th generation indoor student of the lineage. However, I will include all the necessary knowledge from my other teachers in my teaching as well.”

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Liang De hua International School
Liang De hua International School

Teachings of Master Liang De Hua (梁德华)

  1. The Yang style 46 movements short form. This one is the form that was created by one of Gu Lisheng’s student. It still preserves all the movements from the traditional form just without repetition. I will teach this form to people who are focusing on the health benefit of Taiji or people who have never experienced Taiji Quan before. I think this one is a suitable form for my student who wants to teach Taiji for a beginner as well.
  2. The Yang family traditional big frame 83 movements. This is the form that was taught to the public by several masters of the Yang family and it becomes the Yang family standard form by Yang Chengfu. It is also called the Six sections big frame in Gu Lisheng lineage. This form is the basic standard form I will teach to the public.
  3. The Old frame 108 movements. This is the big frame that was taught by Yang Shaohou to Gu Lisheng, and Gu Lisheng taught it to the few of his indoor students. Recently, master Chi Qingsheng also registered this old Yang family big frame as a national cultural treasure to protect this form too.
  4. The small frame 78 movements (fast/usage frame). This is the Yang small frame that was taught by Yang Shaohou to Gu Lisheng. In 1947 Gu Lisheng was in Gui Yang, there was a martial arts competition event and Gu Lisheng was a judge, he also demonstrated this small frame in the event and received great praise.
  5. Taiji Chang Quan or Yang Style Taiji Long fist 72 movements. This is the form that was created by Yang Chengfu and taught to some of his indoor students only.
  6. 29 forms of Taiji pushing hands including several stepping pushing hands forms and Da Lu.
  7. The Nei Gong exercises including the Yang family Ba Duan Jin, the Eight methods of internal exercise or Lian Gong Ba Fa, and other exercises such as Shi Jin Jing or Ten tendons exercises etc.

There are also some weapon forms and training for the advanced student:

  1. Yang family Taiji sword form 62 movements
  2. Yang family Taiji 13 saber form
  3. Yang family Taiji spear form 49 movements
  4. Yang family Taiji 13 long pole form
  5. Yang family sticky poles

Lineage of the Master LIANG DE HUA

Yang Style – Lineage Gu Li Sheng

Each lineage of Taijiquan has different ramifications, the one shown below is the branch that leads to Master Liang De Hua.

liang de hua italia1st generation – Yang Fugui (known as Yang Luchan), he who founded the Yang style.
2nd generation – Yang Yu (or Yang Banhou), minor son of Yang Fugui.
3rd generation – Yang Zhaoxiong (known as Yang Mengxiang, dubbed Yang Shaohou), disciple of of the uncle Yang Yu.
4th generation – Gu Li Sheng (known as Gu Lu Ping), disciple of Yang Zhaoxiong.
5th generation – Chi Qingshen, disciple ofof Gu Li Sheng.
6th generation – Liang De Hua, disciple of Chi Qingshen.

This video shows a part of Yang family traditional big frame performed by Liang De Hua


Liang De Hua (Leung Tak Wah) was born in Hong Kong and has been living in Thailand since the age of 8.
His father was from Foshan so when Liang De Hua was a child practiced the Hung Gar and Wu Taijiquan style.
At the age of 23 Liang discovered his interest in Taijiquan through some teachers of this martial art met at the university. He later traveled to China where he became an inner disciple of Gu Lisheng‘s lineage through the Master Chi Qingsheng. (Gu Li Sheng was an inner student of Yang Shaohou and Yang Chengfu).
Today Liang De Hua teaches in Thailand and travels in Europe, America and Asia to teach Taijiquan through workshops and private classes.

Discover more in the long interview to Sifu Liang De Hua…

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